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VKL001 Residual Current Circuit Breaker(Residual Current Device)

Application scope
VKL001 Residual Current Circuit Breaker pirovide the function of isolation Switching and earth leakage protection of electrical circuits.And also provide The indirect protection of the operators body against the dangerous effects of Electric current and prodvide the protection of the fire caused by the electical Circuti fault.Standard IEC6 1008,EN61008

Main technical parameters

Type VKL001
Number of poles 2P,4P
Rated Current(In) 6A 10A 16A 25A 32A 40A 63A 80A 100A
Rated residual operating current(In) 100mA 30mA 100mA 300mA 500mA
Rated residul non-operation Current(I no) 0.5In,5In
Rated Voltage(Un) AC 2P:230V/240V 4P:400V/415V
Residual operating current scope 0.5InIn
Residual current off-time 0.1s
Type A.AC
Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity(Inc) 3000A 4500A 6000A
Terminal protection IP20

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